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The hammer head is the key to improve the productivity of the crusher


Due to the limited length of the extended hammer disk of the crusher hammer head, no matter how big the material block is, it is always roughly knocked off according to the size of the extended length and then further broken. The maximum feed size of this crusher is therefore up to 2/3 of the diameter (or width) of the rotor. The larger pieces of the incoming material, which can be broken in a single stroke, do not need to be supported on the hammer plate, which is obviously different from the case of the rapid hammer crusher crushing the medium-size ore.

In this crusher, the final fracture is between the hammer and the strike plate, the teeth plate, grate. The granularity of final fracture depends on the density of hammer head, linear velocity, shape of counterattack plate and tooth plate, size of coarc of final fracture belt, gap between hammer head and them, and width of labyrinth joint. It has nothing to do with the hardness of the broken material and the filling degree of the material in the crushing chamber. By adjusting the mass of the exciter block, changing the eccentricity distance and changing the speed of the exciter, the crushing force required for any working condition can be obtained. Because it does not have the limit of arc-shaped grate on it, it can discharge the hammer closely, and its final crushing effect is far better than that of slow speed hammer crusher. Pendulum grinding machine can also use this principle, therefore, the material block is in the strong inertial vibration condition, by the pre-set breaking force action, can ensure the density of the material layer due, make the particles bear the pressure in all direction, to achieve the crushing layer. Thus, the advantages of large feeding size, small discharging size and coarse crushing in one machine are obtained.


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