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Mold temperature machine

Mold temperature machine

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1. It has the function of detecting mold flow blockage.

2. Perfect safety protection system and multiple automatic error-proof operation procedures ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment.

3. Heat insulation design of separate electrical box ensures electrical safety and longer electrical life.

4. Electric heating control adopts solid state relay (SSR) -- optional, internal bypass adjustment, can adjust the heating kerosene pressure.

5. On-line function (RS485), MODBUS communication protocol, easy to connect with various human-machine interfaces, PLC, industrial computers and notebook computers.

Brief introduction:

1. In the process of injection molding, mold temperature has a direct impact on the filling and shaping of plastic parts, and ultimately also affects production efficiency and quality.

2. Make all positions of the mold have the same temperature as far as possible, so that the acid and heat rate and degree of the mold inside the cavity are close to the same, to ensure the quality of the parts, avoid or reduce the occurrence of internal stress resulting in the decline of the mechanical strength of the parts.

3. Shorten production cycle and strengthen production efficiency. If the mold is left to work at a constant high temperature, the time it takes for the parts to cool in the mold to fully solidify increases, prolongs the opening time, and consequently increases the production cycle and production cost.

4. Effectively cool the cavity. The so-called effective cooling, is under the premise of smooth mold filling, will be in the molten state of 100-300℃ into a solid near room temperature when the heat transferred to the mold as quickly as possible to remove all the parts quickly from the cavity surface. If the heat cannot be removed effectively during the production process, the mold temperature will increase gradually, which may lead to many defects such as flapping, retracting and retracting, ejecting deformation and large deformation after cooling.


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