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Temperature control machine

Temperature control machine

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1.TC series cold and hot temperature control machine, set heating, refrigeration in one.

2. Can output two sets of heat transfer media at different temperatures simultaneously.

3. Wide range of temperature control: The output of each group can be set between 5℃ and 95℃.

4. PID intelligent temperature control, high temperature control accuracy, in the range of 1℃, excellent material selection: all mechanical and electrical materials are European and American brands, high reliability, long life.

5. It has up to 11 abnormal protection warning functions.

Brief introduction:

1. The output temperature range has a large span, which can meet the different requirements of Yin mold and Yang mold temperature machine in the injection process at the same time, overcoming the discomfort of mold temperature control caused by the change of environmental temperature caused by mold temperature machine or chiller or a combination of both.

2. The pipeline of the ice water circulation system of the chiller is made of PP-R environment-friendly material with a service life of 50 years, which can effectively prevent the generation of water rust from the source and reduce the pollution to the customer’s equipment and the blockage of waterways. A unique and effective combination of one set of refrigeration and two sets of heating can output water lower than or higher than the ambient temperature in the same heat transfer media output pipeline, realizing automatic switching.

3. No matter at which point the control temperature is set, the heat transfer media with a certain flow rate can be output in the output pipeline, so that the mold temperature can be accurately and effectively controlled no matter it is set below or above the ambient temperature.


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