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High temperature oil mold temperature machine

High temperature oil mold temperature machine

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1. It has the function of monitoring mold flow blockage.

2. Perfect safety protection system and multiple automatic error-proof operation procedures ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment.

3. Heat insulation design of separate electrical box ensures electrical safety and longer electrical life.

4. Electric heating control adopts solid state relay (SSR) -- optional.

5. Internal bypass adjustment can adjust the hot kerosene pressure.

6. Four in and four out of the entrance design, more convenient for customers in the use of injection mold.

Brief introduction:

1. The oil tank is designed for semi-closed circulation and independent oil tank to reduce oxidation caused by contact between hot oil and air. Increase the heat medium reserves in well, make it difficult to stop oil, the cooler adopts the design of sealed immersion cooler, the cooling effect is immediate, efficient and safe, easy to maintain, pump within 200 degrees using gear pump, improve the pressure of heat medium oil; The high temperature oil mold temperature machine is changed to the heat media boiler special water-free cooling but heat media pump, which can withstand temperature of 350°C, with large flow and good heat transfer effect.

2. Equipped with the computer control panel imported from Taiwan, the 5LCD screen can switch between Chinese and English, with high temperature control precision, stability and reliability, and equipped with 486 output terminals, truly realizing the man-machine interface. , basically have boot automatically exhaust, delay shutdown automatically cool (similar to the car radiator cooling fan in the function), to prevent electric heating air burn, let the machine service life is longer, the whole system more secure, complete series use bold stainless steel seamless tube, increase the heating surface area, reduce the current density, let the heat conduction oil is not easy to knot carbon metamorphism, prolong service life, and at the same time, adopt the demountable type electric heating design, change is also very convenient.

3. The maximum temperature control is 180°C and 280°C respectively.


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