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Dehumidifying dryer

Dehumidifying dryer

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1. The zero point temperature can reach -40 degrees. Ensure the plastic bags are thoroughly dry.

2. Adopt Taiwan original imported microcomputer board (LED display), more stable performance, digital strong light display, clearer operation at night.

3. Phoenix nest runner imported from Japan, with strong dehumidification ability and long service life.

4. Perfect safety protection and abnormal knowledge system.

5. Super large model, suitable for central feeding system.

6. Effectively increase the light transmittance of transparent products (such as PMMA, PC, etc.), and increase the tensile strength and impact strength of the products.

7. Make sure the water content of plastic is below 0.02% (200ppm).

8. Shorten the drying time to meet the production demand.

Brief introduction:

1. Dehumidifying dryer is a special equipment for the plastic industry that can continuously deliver dry air. It is mainly inhaled moist wind through the molecular sieve drying effect and the output of dry wind.

2. And the characteristics of the molecular sieve is low moisture, high temperature platoon is wet, that is, inhalation of damp wind cooling processing first, and then water is molecular sieve (state) in low temperature adsorption, and molecular sieve inhalation moisture, we again for high temperature processing, make its water to the atmosphere, and constantly work cycles.


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