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SHY series dehumidifying and drying feeder

SHY series dehumidifying and drying feeder

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1. Applicable to the equipment of this machine, which can be fully automatic operation.

2. The product will not be affected by climate change and other external moist air during production.

3. Can improve the product tensile strength, impact strength, electrical properties and other internal quality.

4. It can solve the appearance quality problems such as bubble, silver grain and deformation in product production.

5. Dew point temperature below -40℃.

6. Secondary feeding.

Brief introduction:

1. Dehumidification drying feeder is a combination of dehumidification, drying and two-stage feeding, especially suitable for engineering plastic materials with strong hygroscopic properties.

(2) in plastic processing industry, the products are shrinking, silver lines and bubbles, cracks, flow mark, the phenomenon such as poor transparency, is the main cause of the bad quality plastic caused by not fully dry before molding, engineering plastics such as PA, PET, PC, PBT, CA hygroscopicity strong materials, due to the internal water seep into the plastic particles, the traditional hot air drying machine is unable to make it completely dry.

3. The three-machine dehumidification and drying machine is in a closed circulation system to fully dehumidify the air heating, dry air will quickly plastic particles of water completely precipitation to achieve the effect of dehumidification and drying.


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