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Calculation method of chiller


How to choose the most suitable industrial chiller? In fact, there is a very simple formula:

Refrigerating capacity = refrigerating water flow *4.187* temperature difference * coefficient

1. Flow rate of frozen water refers to the flow rate of cold water required by the machine at work. The unit shall be converted into litres/second;

2. Temperature difference refers to the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the machine;

3, 4.187 is quantitative (specific heat capacity of water);

4. The coefficient of multiplication is 1.3 when choosing the air-cooled chiller, and 1.1 when choosing the water-cooled chiller.

5. Select the corresponding machine model according to the calculated cooling capacity.

But the most important thing is to know the rated cooling capacity (9.07KW) and then choose a 3P machine. And so on. So the most important choice of industrial chiller is to figure out the rated cooling capacity


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