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Repair and maintenance of crusher


Mechanical equipment has a life period, but the longevity is also affected by a lot of human factors, for the environment has some influence, crusher is the same, whether in the daily work process, we all should pay attention to timely repair, maintain well, now the crusher models on the market more and more, but the basic principles are the same, is basic about the same, the kinds of fault, it’s to the fault of the crusher in the daily analysis.

The breakdowns of crushers in daily life are easy to occur and the solutions are as follows:

1. The temperature of main bearing is too high. May be insufficient grease, then need to add an appropriate amount of grease; If the grease is polluted, it is necessary to replace the grease after cleaning the bearing; If the bearing is damaged, it will need to be replaced.

2. The size of discharging is too large. May be broken teeth wear excessive, then need to replace the broken teeth or surfacing; Replace the edge teeth if they are worn or shed.

3. The vibration of the crusher increases. If the bearing is damaged, replace it. If the gear coupling is damaged, replace it;

4. Reduced capacity or motivation. If the hydraulic coupler leaks, replace the quantitative no. 22 turbine oil or No. 6 hydraulic transmission oil. If the coupler is broken, replace it with a new one. Uneven feed, adjust feed.

5. Cannot automatically reverse. The sensor is not installed correctly or damaged, adjust or replace the sensor; If the sensor lead or wiring position is loose, put on the lead or tighten the wiring position.

6. Sensor protection system fails. If the proximity switch is damaged or the wiring in the electric control cabinet is loose, it is necessary to replace the switch or connect the wires according to the wiring diagram.

In order to keep the crusher in good working condition, reduce the failure rate, improve the work efficiency, extend the service life, we need to do the daily maintenance of the crusher, *** should pay attention to the crusher equipment lubrication maintenance and bearing maintenance, prevent the crusher “strike”.


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