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Operating principle of mold temperature machine – water – oil – mold temperature machine


Mold temperature machine is divided into water type mold temperature machine (water machine) and oil type mold temperature machine, the oil temperature machine) two types, is a kind of heating equipment to provide constant temperature with hot equipment heat source, contains two sets of heating and cooling functions. Widely used in plastic injection, guide plate, die casting, extrusion, extruding, rubber tires, wheel, chemical industry, reaction kettle, mixer and so on all walks of life.

Mould temperature control machine using the equilibrium temperature of thermal equipment, can heat up cool. Mold temperature machine use high heat transfer of thermal conductivity of the media, in a very short period of time will be the temperature with hot equipment to process demands. After the set good thermal equilibrium temperature, can automatically control the temperature within a very small error, and can maintain a constant value. Mold temperature machine by heating cooling system, power transmission system, liquid level control system and temperature sensor, sprue and other devices. The pump to make hot fluid in the power transmission system from within the unit has a built-in heater and cooler to heat equipment, after burning calories with thermal equipment back to internal reheating mold temperature machine, the temperature Sensors measure the temperature of the thermal fluid and sends the data to the control part of the controller, the controller to regulate the temperature of the thermal fluid flow, and indirectly, to regulate the temperature of the heat equipment. If the mold temperature machine in production, the temperature of the heat equipment more than set value of the controller, the controller will open the solenoid valve connected to feed line, until the temperature of the heat transfer fluid, namely the temperature return to set point. If the mold temperature is lower than the set value, the controller will continue to open the heater heating.

The production of die temperature machine configuration should be comprehensive judgement according to the process with thermal equipment situation, if you use the oil temperature machine, the operator must comply with the safety rules: don’t put the mold temperature machine in near sources of heat furnace, joint use with taper leakproof and with heat resistance pressure hose or hard tube, die temperature machine, regularly check the temperature control circuit have joint without leakage, the function is normal, regular replacement of heat conduction oil, should choose a synthetic oil, thermal stability and anti-coking tend to be small. In the use of die temperature machine, select the appropriate thermal fluid is critical. Water as thermal fluid economic, clean, convenient use, once the temperature control circuit such as hose However, water used as heat conducting fluid water also has disadvantages: low boiling point of water, which limits its service temperature. Water temperature machine can be divided into three types: water temperature machine at 120℃, water temperature machine at 150℃ and water temperature machine at 180℃. When using water as a heat conduction fluid, should consider the following precautions: use rust preventer advance processing temperature control loop, use before water inlet filter, wash water temperature machine with cleaning agents and on a regular basis with thermal equipment. The use of higher temperature, the oil temperature machine up to 350 ℃, boiling point of the oil is high, but the heat transfer coefficient of heat conduction oil only 1/3 of the water.

The use of mold temperature machine, water mold temperature machine and oil mold temperature machine can improve the forming efficiency of products, reduce the occurrence of defective products, improve the appearance of products, restrain the defects of products, speed up the production schedule, reduce energy consumption and save energy.


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