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How the chiller works


Chiller commonly known as freezer, refrigerator, ice water machine, freezing machine, cooling machine, etc., due to the use of all walks of life more widely, so the name is also more numerous. The principle of its properties is a multifunctional machine that removes liquid vapor through a compression or thermal absorption refrigeration cycle. The steam compression chiller unit consists of four main components of the steam compression refrigeration cycle compressor, evaporator, condenser, and part of the metering device in the form of which different refrigerants are realized. Absorption chiller USES water as refrigerant and relies on water and lithium bromide solution to achieve strong affinity of refrigeration effect.

Chillers are commonly used in air-conditioning units and industrial cooling. In air-conditioning systems, chilled water is usually allocated to heat exchangers or coils in air treatment units or other types of terminal equipment for cooling in their respective Spaces, and then the cooling water is redistributed back to the cooling that has been cooled. In industrial applications, cooling pumps for frozen water or other liquids are used through processes or laboratory equipment. Industrial chiller is used to control products, machinery and plant machinery cooling in all walks of life.

Air cooled chiller

According to the form of refrigeration, the chiller can be generally divided into water-cooled type and air-cooled type. In terms of technology, the water-cooled kCAL /h is 300 to 500 higher than the air-cooled energy efficiency. In terms of price, water cooling is much lower than air cooling; In installation, water cooling should be incorporated into the cooling tower for use, and air cooling is movable without any other assistance. However, the air cooling chiller only USES the fan to dissipate heat, which has certain requirements on the environment: for example, ventilation, humidity, temperature not higher than 40°C, ph value of air…


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